Cindee Bartholomew 
Contemporary Romance Author
Siri's Saga: A Story of True Love
International Bestselling Romance Series
I  invite you to join thousands of readers and embark 
on an unforgettable modern day fairytale romance between 
Siri Wright, a Vegas Dancer, and 
Maximus Aurelius Moore, an Army Aviator.
From the very first page, Aurei's thunderous journey 
to unlock Siri's Heart is a wild ride 
full of twists and turns you won't see coming, 
laugh out loud humor and steamy love scenes 
along their path to forevermore. 

This serial romance series is written like a soap opera. 
When one book ends, the next one begins. 
My name is Maximus Aurelius Moore and 
I'm the most complicated man you'll ever meet.

I'm Aurei to the Alabama bros I grew up with. 
I'm Maximus to my Italian family and heir to a fortune. 
That's why I'm unattached. 

To the military, I'm Mr. Moore, Army Aviator, and Apache pilot. 
My call name? 
Hard-Core and you can bet your ass I am.
I pride myself on my ability to take 'em, then shake 'em. 
Am I looking for love? Negative.

Then ... I take a business trip to Vegas.
When the headliner boldly bounces onto the stage to perform for a crowd of drunken fools,
I sit motionless, completely spellbound and locked down tight in my seat, not wanting to miss a thing. 
Appreciating that every moving part of her beautiful body is in total rhythm to the beat. 
Right down to the smallest nuance of the melody. 

She is incredible and the flame of desire she lights inside me is undeniable. 
This has NEVER happened to me before. 
I have never lost my shit over a woman. 
I will stop at nothing to possess her!
Her name? Seary and she is scorching HOT!
AWARDED THE FIVE STAR SEAL for Readers' Favorite 
by Divine Zape:

A book intended for mature audiences, Looking for Love by Cindee Bartholomew is a sizzling romance and the first book in Siri's Saga, a scorching hot romance that is as beautifully written as are the thrills within. Meet Maximus Aurelius Moore, "aka" Aurei, and Seary "aka" Siri. Maximus is an accomplished army aviator, a millionaire venture capitalist, an alpha male who is as hot as he is determined about what he needs in a relationship. He is not one for settling down, not yet, but the moment he sets eyes on Seary and observes her beautiful poise, her grace and the sensuality she exudes, he begins to think that this headline entertainer, this gifted dancer, and this "perfection in motion" could be the one. This woman's beauty tests his confidence and everything he thought he knew about the human heart. Now he will have to "lose his shit" over this woman to find out what it entails. 

This is a passionate love story, filled with steamy moments. At times it feels dark, but it is intoxicating, the kind of novel that will put you on the edge of your seat, rattling your hormones and creating a heat you won't know exactly how to deal with. I enjoyed the way the author integrates the themes of modeling and romance, of love and friendship into the narrative. Readers are presented with characters that are well-developed, rock-solid, and on a life-changing adventure. The narrative is emotionally charged and the beauty of the prose is unmistakable, an element that arrested my attention right off the bat. Looking for Love is intense and captivating, structured to keep the reader following the first person narrative from page to page.
Who is that stud?

When Siri Wright, aka Seary, sees a young man talking to her landlord in Alabama, she sizes him up.

He is athletically built, 6' tall plus or minus, 200 pounds maybe. Maybe more. 
He looks to be my age. 
He has a military-style haircut. 
Buzzed on the sides with dark roots, but the top is long, thick, golden blonde hair. 
Umm. Deliciousness.

Then their eyes connect, and she knows he is more than just a handsome hunk. This man is loaded with the 'IT' factor.

He turns to look at me as the doors close. Our eyes lock and his gaze ... pierces my core. 
My heart stops and my breath catches in my throat. 
When the elevator doors touch and the connection is broken, my heart jolts and I gasp. 
Sweet Zeus! What just happened? 
Riding up, my heart pounds wildly in my chest. I touch it and feel the chaos. 
Calm down, Siri! Breathe. 
As I stabilize, a smile stretches from ear to ear. 
Wow, he is fine, but his eyes. Woo!

When the "Golden God" moves into 9G down the hall, Siri puts her return to Vegas on hold in-def.

My life just changed in the span of an hour. 
I sure didn't see this in my stars. 
I have to learn more about Mr. Moore. 

If Ruth thinks she can scare me off MY man, she's got another thing coming!

When Aurei takes Siri on their first date to his stomping ground, The Stallion, she is excited to meet the men he grew up with determined to discover more about this mysterious man. But when she is confronted by the women in his past, particularly Ruth, she discovers she is not alone. Aurei Moore is every girl's dream.

If she touches him, I'm gonna open a big can of whoop ass on her and she'll find out what ruthless bitch really means.
Aurei and I both agree, for different reasons, that the best thing we can do is leave Alabama behind, so it's off to Rome.
Experiencing the Eternal City with my "Golden God" is so incredibly exciting! But the more I learn about this complicated man, the more I realize our personalities are opposite extremes kept in check by being uber-disciplined.

Can they control their crazy chemistry? 
Will they battle or balance each other? 

When Aurei finally confesses his darkest secret to Siri, even the supremely confident Diva is rattled to her core. 

The tabloid headlines read: "Italy's most eligible bachelor, Maximus Aurelius Moore, flaunts a stripper in your face." 

That's scandalous coverage on multiple levels! 
Aurei says, he doesn't care what the press writes, but worries they may have compromised my safety. 
He is taking me deeper into his world, to the famiglia villa, The Compound. 


He's confident everyone will love me, but I am not! 
I can feel it in my gut. 
This is not going to go like he thinks. 

I feel like a lamb being led to the slaughter. 
The sweetest man in the world has brought me home. 


I'm so stoked to get to see everyone, especially Cat! 
I can't wait to return to the stage. 
I'm going to give one helluva bachelor party! 
I guarantee it will be UNFORGETTABLE!

Siri is too trusting, and Vegas isn't as safe as she thinks. I've seen the dark side, and it's ugly.
But there is so much to do and not enough time. 
My team is flying in to begin the transition. I'll be wrapped up with that for the next few days while Siri plans her return to the stage. I hate not being able to be with her, but we can't be together 24/7 anymore. It's time to return to our complicated lives and make the adjustments.
Still, I'm concerned.

"Aurelius Moore! Nothing bad is going to happen to me. Sweet Zeus! Stop worrying!"

Famous last words!
Everyone has secrets! 
In 1981, I married my high school sweetheart and have been married to him longer than I have live without him. He is not only my soulmate but my best friend, and what I have learned about love is that not all relationships are a struggle. When you find the right one, it is easy and fun!

On October 17, 2014, I published my debut novel, Siri’s Heart under my pen name, Jessika Klide, as an erotic romance novel. It quickly climbed Amazon's Bestseller Rankings to #620 overall in the Kindle store, ranked #1 under three different Amazon categories. My fans encouraged me to publish Siri's Saga, A Scorching Stripper's Love Story as a contemporary steamy romance series that they could share with their friends. Siri's Saga, A Story of True Love is the result. Also ranking as an Amazon Bestselling Series. 

I've been interviewed for USA Today, Happily Ever After Blog along with The V3TV Network with Vaughn Joseph, and quoted in YourTango, My Joy Online, Men's Health, Bustle, Prevention Magazine, StyleCaster, and The Real Daily.

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